The tragedy in Kharkiv: she executed her child (photo)

Трагедия на Харьковщине: девушка казнила своего ребенка (фото)

2 years of imprisonment with a probation period of 3 years. This penalty is determined by the court to a resident Bliznyukovsky district, who with special cruelty killed his newborn daughter, said the Prosecutor’s office Kharkiv region.

Terrible story began in July 2017. Then the woman who already had two children, got pregnant and tried to provoke a miscarriage. She took herbal decoction and injected a certain drug, but the desired result is not obtained.

On the morning of 3 March 2018 the ill-minded woman gave birth to a girl. Further events developed as in a bad Thriller.

How does the defendant plead to the investigators, the girl she gave birth at home. Immediately after birth, closed her mouth with a napkin and waited until the child stopped screaming and died. The murdered child washed up on the street and thrown into a cesspool. A few days later the woman returned to the bathroom and covered the child’s body tissue to a corpse did not see her relatives.

The accident was reported anonymously. The man said that his neighbor went pregnant, but two weeks later she disappeared the stomach, and a newborn baby there. On the account at the gynecologist a woman was not.

“The woman admitted his guilt, saying he did not want this child. To the doctors during pregnancy, she did not, but was trying to get rid of the fruit by using various medicines and concoctions of herbs” – has shared details of the police officers.

Трагедия на Харьковщине: девушка казнила своего ребенка (фото)