The tragedy occurred with the child on the river, “summed up the life jacket”

Трагедия произошла с ребенком на реке: «подвел спасательный жилет»

Child decided to cross the Dniester river and drowned at the depth of about a meter

The boy summed up the life vest, which he made independently.

The tragedy occurred in the Ternopil region. There in the Dniester river drowned nine-year-old boy. His body looked almost two days, according to a story TSN.

The student was trying to cross the river and for this he made his life jacket out of plastic bottles. The vest that failed him.

The child drowned at a depth of no more than a meter when sailing back. In the water he untied his makeshift vest. The boy’s body was found near another village ten kilometers away.

As we reported earlier, the man celebrated with friends the birth of the firstborn, who were waiting for more than 10 years. He drowned in the river. The incident occurred at night in Kiev. About two o’clock the friends, who together rode with him and celebrated the birth of twins, noted that no on the boat.

As it became known, the children were a long-awaited first-born, whom he and his wife waited for over 10 years. Resorting to IVF, the couple was finally able to conceive a long-awaited children. Wife after childbirth was in the hospital, and her husband decided to celebrate the happy event with friends on a boat, rolling on the river.

Earlier we wrote that in Odessa region the man dived from the fishing boat and drowned. The tragedy occurred at night in the village of Burlacha Balka, near the Black sea. 34-year-old man dived from the fishing boat moored at jetty. Divers rescue squad found the body of a drowned only the morning. The body of the deceased was handed over to the police.

We also reported that the sea found the body of 8-year-old boy, which disappeared on the Lanzheron beach in Odessa. The child rested under the supervision of relatives, but at some point it just disappeared from sight.

8-year-old Kohl announced in search, and after a while divers pulled the body of a child no signs of life from the sea bottom. The boy’s body was found ten meters away from the place where he played and where he was last seen.

Трагедия произошла с ребенком на реке: «подвел спасательный жилет»

Трагедия произошла с ребенком на реке: «подвел спасательный жилет»