The tragedy of the times: a resident of the exploded house has denied the gas leak

Трагедия на Позняках: житель взорвавшегося дома опроверг утечку газа

A resident of an apartment building on Poznyaky in Kiev, where on June 22, an explosion occurred, Konstantin Rybak denied the version of the investigation about the leak of household gas as the cause of the explosion. He shared his observations and insights with a reporter Telegram-channel Pavlovsky News.

This was reported by journalist Andrew Pawlowski on his page in social network Facebook.

“… the layout of the apartments is contrary to the site of the explosion and the logic version with the gas leak. Thus, the gas riser and the kitchen are in another part of the house, which is practically not affected. The man’s apartment located on the 5th floor. The smell of gas, he did not feel. And even if there really was a leak (gas) on the 7th floor, the gas would rise up, as it is lighter than air,” wrote Pawlowski.

“… here (in the kitchen, draws the diagram of the apartment), where the gas riser is minimal damage – only window kicked out. Here (in the bedroom, in the far part of the apartment from the gas riser) tumbled piece of the bearing wall – a powerful bearing wall that holds the house,” he described the damage the Fisherman.

The interlocutor of the journalist have already talked in a nursing home with most of the neighbors on the porch. According to him, people can not distinguish the smell of gas the smell of explosives. Although the inhabitants of the lower floors, most claimed to have smelled it cooking gas.

Residents of the affected house was already questioned in the Prosecutor’s office. Konstantin Rybak is a lawyer with 25 years of experience. He is convinced that the Prosecutor deliberately induces residents to the version of explosion due to gas leaks for the early closure of the case. “Today the consequence has inclined me to believe that I had to smell the gas. But it was not,” he said.