The train trip will cost the residents of Kharkov

Поездки на поезде влетят в копеечку жителям Харькова

2 times more expensive cost to the passengers “uz” comfortable sleep on the train. Bed linen, uvelichilis. Now set in cars SV and in international trains is 60 hryvnia in compartment sleepers and economy class sleepers – 50 hryvnia. To rise in price bed cost for all 30 hryvnia.

This surge of residents of Kharkov resulted in confusion.

“50-60 UAH for bed? Just to sleep on the bench of the train? I can sleep sitting,” says the citizen Eugene.

“Significant price increase. Probably have a bed to take. This, of course, heavier Luggage, but will save” – shared the girl from the town of Natalia.

“It’s expensive. But what to do? Will have to pay for linen. I go once or twice a year, so will have to pay,” – said a resident of Andrew.

Cheap now will cost passengers tea, coffee or water. From now on, they will set a single price of $ 10 USD.

Given this price increase, the ticket (including bedding) in a compartment on the night train “Kharkov-Kiev” will cost 400-450 UAH, depending on the day of the week. From Kharkov to Odessa trip with linen will cost 300-350 USD. If you want to drink tea on the road or water, for each drink you have to pay another 10 USD.

In “Ukrzaliznytsia” said that they were forced to revise the prices due to the sharp increase in the cost of materials, fuel, electricity, affecting the cost of services. But that will not put a point. For 2019, said the leaders of the railroad, passenger traffic will rise by more than 25%.