The transition to a parliamentary Republic now is not the time – Solontay

Переход к парламентской республике сейчас не ко времени, - Солонтай

The first year is an ongoing debate on whether reformatting Ukraine into a parliamentary Republic. Some experts believe such a scenario is unrealistic, they say, the state does not need a symbolic leader, and the leader that is truly taking responsibility for hard decisions. Others believe that the Ukrainians should move away from the perception of the President as “father of the nation”.

This is stated in the plot of “the First about the main thing” the TV channel ZIK.

Politekspert Antonuk convinced it is doubtful that a scenario where Ukraine would have lived at all without a President – regardless of the names – all is a realistic. The state needs a leader, and especially the subject of war.

“Let us recall the military situation. There at least was the man responsible for this decision President of Ukraine. This man represented some kind of logic. In a parliamentary Republic, I doubt that such moments would be at all possible,” – says antoniuc.

But PhD Gennady Oaks – a different opinion. He is convinced that a parliamentary Republic is close to Ukrainians mental.

“The last 5 years, we had in fact a parliamentary-presidential form of government. However, the President still was perceived as a father of the nation, the highest official. He, in comparison with Parliament, powers were not so much. However, this perception is internal. In my opinion, you should shoot down the stereotype of a boss,” said Oaks.

At the same time, the expert on constitutional law Alexander Moskalyuk emphasizes the usurpation of power is possible in a parliamentary form of government.

“A lot depends on mentality. The form of government that in Ukraine, still exists in France, and in Russia. But there are certain mental characteristics. Therefore, in France it is associated with democracy, and in Russia, with authoritarianism. In Ukraine have something higher”, – says moskaluk.

But an expert on politics Alexander Solontay said, the transition to a parliamentary Republic is not currently relevant. Now it is necessary to reform the office of President.

“The biggest problem is that we do not understand the position of President due to the fact that he left such unnatural things that don’t exist any more from one President to another civilized country. While they won’t clean, won’t understand what it means to be President of Ukraine,” Solontay said.

Now parliamentary republics are more than 60 countries. Already not the first year experts are discussing whether Ukraine to join them. However, at the legislative level discussions and still failed.