The transportation of grain in the Luhansk region fell by 300 UAH/t

Транспортировка зерновых на Луганщине подешевела на 300 грн/т

Grain producers in Luhansk region were able to reduce the cost of transportation of goods up to 300 UAH per ton, after the construction of the transshipment complex of the company “NIBULON” at the railway station of Svatovo. This is stated in the press service of the company in response to the request

In the fighting 2014 branch “Kondrashevska-New – Lantrativka” were cut off from the General network of Railways, and the freight on it has stopped. Grain enterprises of Luhansk oblast, which are on the stations “New Aydar”, “Starobilsk”, “bilokurakyne”, “Solidarity”, “Lantrativka”, “alder”, “Gorodnya”, not actually functioning.

The lack of transport infrastructure in the region, according to “NIBULON” has led to lower prices for agricultural products from 200 to 500 UAH per ton. “Farmers were forced to deliver their bread to the more remote regions of Ukraine by road transport, thus destroying the already almost destroyed the highway”, – noted in the company.

In 2016, “NIBULON” was constructed in Svatovo transshipment terminal, and in 2017 put into operation additional capacities for storage of grain, which, according to the company, helped to reduce the cost of agricultural logistics. At the same time at the terminal can store up to 20 thousand tons of grains and oilseeds, and annual transshipment volume reaches 500 thousand tons According to the company, complex in Svatovo today is the unification of handling complex cut for all businesses.

As stated in the article “the Road to nowhere. The region is seeking 2.5 billion on the railroad”, the authorities of the Lugansk region suggested to restore the rail link through the construction of the jumpers from the station “bilokurakyne” cut off a branch to the station “Svatovo” on the adjacent highway are included in the network TIES. But the state railway monopoly is not considering this project as an attractive investment. Because the local authority in 2016 is looking for money for a new track and spends millions to repair roads, do not withstand the loads from heavy transport.