The trial of Sternenko: the remand was postponed to 15 June

Суд над Стерненко: Избрание меры пресечения перенесли на 15 июня

The Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev decided to postpone its meeting, which elected the measure of restraint former leader of the Odessa branch of the “Right sector” Sergey Sternenka, on June 15. The correspondent reports about it hromadske from the courthouse.

The court plan to continue at 10:00 on 15 June.

The meeting, on 12 June lasted for about 8 hours. After his graduation Sternenko went out to several hundred people at the court who came to support him. Throughout the day they also burned flares.

“The meeting was postponed for 10:00 Monday. This suggests that the investigating judge even if I would elect a measure of restraint in the form of a round-the-clock house arrest, he can’t see my behavior any risks,” said Strannenko in front of a crowd. At the same time, noted that he and the defense believes the judge is biased.

In total more than 200 people expressed their desire to take the activist on bail, in particular MPs from the party of “Voice” and “European solidarity”. They wrote the relevant statements. However, the law enforcers refused to let the people in the courthouse. Through this entrance there was a fight. Earlier in the center of Kiev pulled the units of national police and national guard.

Before that in the hall clashed with security officials. Among other things, the Ukrainian activist and former political prisoner of the Kremlin Vladimir Baloch claims that he was beaten by law enforcement officers.

Суд над Стерненко: Избрание меры пресечения перенесли на 15 июня

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