The truth about the explosion at the Severodvinsk: Russia is doing everything, like the Soviet Union during the Chernobyl accident

Правда о взрыве под Северодвинском: Россия делает все, как СССР во время аварии в Чернобыле

Under the Russian Severodvinsk on 8 August at a military base in the village of Nyonoksa the explosion occurred. In the region rose sharply background radiation.

Today is a very important post about one disturbing event that happened recently in Russia and which concerns the entire planet Earth – the explosion at a secret site near Severodvinsk, the information on which the Russian government is now trying to classify. As it became known today in Russia haven’t worked in 4 stations of monitoring of radiation situation – that many associate just with the explosion in Severodvinsk.

“Here they are, these Americans, lied about all of us in the film “Chernobyl!” – whoop quilted jackets, and then almost exactly repeated all that was shown in the film, the doctor that took victims of the explosion, said that those affected by radioactive caesium-137, all the information about the explosion is being classified, and the stations of the radiation monitoring disabling.

So in today’s post – the story of what actually happened in Severodvinsk.

Explosion at the landfill or a nuclear reactor?

For starters, about what happened. At a secret test site in Severodvinsk happened an incident, which has been associated with rocket weapons and nuclear power plant. Similarly, as in the scoop, the Russian authorities had not told the people – everything was known from other sources. On 13 August the President of the United States Donald trump said in his Twitter – “on 8 August at the site near Severodvinsk accident Russian cruise missiles, “Thunderbird”, or “Skyfall” in the notation of NATO.

“Petrel” – the same rocket that Putin told the Federal Assembly and which threatened the world – according to one version, the test blew it. According to another version – somewhere under the Severodvinsk exploded nuclear reactor on thermal neutrons is approximately the same as it was in Chernobyl. In favor of this version says the official summary of the Roshydromet, which mentions a “cloud of radioactive noble gases” – most likely refers to xenon-135, which is formed in the reactor when a chain reaction of disintegration of uranium-235.

Official summary of Roshydromet can be found here or read below.

Cesium-137 in hospital wards

Doctors regional hospital where they brought the victims of the explosion under the Severodvinsk, reported that patients affected by radionuclides , the same as it was in 1986 and that was shown in the TV series “Chernobyl”. Only later, after tests, the doctors found in muscle affected the radionuclide cesium-137.

It tells the “Medusa” – all the doctors and the hospital staff that had contact with the wounded in the explosion, at the request of the FSB signed the document on nondisclosure. According to unconfirmed information from sources “Medusa” five or six employees of the Arkhangelsk hospital and later was sent to Moscow for analysis, according to other information sent about 50 employees.

The publication of “the Northern news” quoted one of the officers of the hospital:

Due to radioactive dust in a few days closed the emergency Department of the hospital, and after a while the nurses gave the lead aprons, but that was not protection.

Consequences classified

The official Russian authorities do not tell about the incident, nothing concrete or get off the comments in the style of “all is well, beautiful Marquise”. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the incident, according to official data of Roshydromet background radiation in Severodvinsk exceeded baseline in 4-16 times.

Today it was reported that Russia also has stopped working 4 monitoring station that reported on the radiation situation…

Meanwhile, in Twitter are published here are maps of radioactive contamination after the incident received from the satellite radiative fluxes covered, mainly Russia and bordering on the South-East of the country:

Instead of an epilogue

Well what can I say? The slogan of the acclaimed TV series “Chernobyl”, against which vspuchilis all quilted jackets, fans of the USSR, the Stalinists and the anti-Westerners, was the phrase,”What is the price of lies?“. And what is happening now after the incident under the Severodvinsk, is the best showing the essence and the continuity of the current Russian authorities – they are exactly the same as in the USSR, don’t tell private citizens. Nothing has changed…

Such cases.

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Правда о взрыве под Северодвинском: Россия делает все, как СССР во время аварии в Чернобыле

Правда о взрыве под Северодвинском: Россия делает все, как СССР во время аварии в Чернобыле

Правда о взрыве под Северодвинском: Россия делает все, как СССР во время аварии в Чернобыле

Правда о взрыве под Северодвинском: Россия делает все, как СССР во время аварии в Чернобыле