The U.S. army accidentally revealed the secret development of hypersonic weapons – Business Insider

Армия США случайно показала тайные разработки гиперзвукового оружия - Business Insider

The conference at which the Secretary of the army USA Ryan McCarthy holds a booklet with a description of the system of hypersonic weapons, accidentally fell on the official website of the Minister in Flickr.

According to Business Insider, the photograph was taken last autumn, but journalists have noticed it only now.

The booklet, which keeps in the hands of the Minister, is visible the inscription “Vintage Racer – review system LWS”. Most of the words hard to read. But you can see the headlines: “Hypersonic penetration”, “Survival”, “Multipurpose”, “Modular payload”, “Strategy costs”. In the line at the bottom of the booklet you can read what we are talking about something with “distant action” and “instant penetration”.

Hypersonic weapons may overcome enemy missile defence.

It is able to penetrate into the desired area and then release other air system in standby mode. These systems can hit a variety of targets, such as missile launchers and air defense radars.

In the Armed forces of the United States pokane has not responded to requests from Business Insider for comment.