The U.S. Embassy commented on the scandalous statement of Lutsenko

В посольстве США прокомментировали скандальное заявление Луценко

It noted that the statement of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko about the fact that the current Ambassador of the United States Marie Yovanovitch handed out a list of “untouchables” to justice persons not true.

At the request of TSN on this occasion stressed that the statements of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine “does not correspond to reality and are intended to weaken the reputation of the Ambassador Jovanovic”.

The Embassy, in particular, added that the accusations against the representatives of the United States is a manifestation of corruption.

Such attacks deepen our determination to help Ukraine in achieving victory in the fight against corruption,

noted diplomats.

They also explained that such statements made in the media of the United States does not make them true.

Diplomats said that to achieve success in Ukraine “we need dedicated officials and a strong anti-corruption institutions.” They stated that the United States strictly adheres to commitments, including financial support necessary for the development of Ukraine changes in the justice system, however, distributes the funds considering the needs.

In the absence of political will, for example, from the General Prosecutor’s office, we are fulfilling our responsibility to the American taxpayers and move aid to where they can make a positive result

– noted in the Embassy.

Lutsenko said that the US Ambassador Yovanovitch gave him a list of “untouchables”

20 Mar

В посольстве США прокомментировали скандальное заявление Луценко