The U.S. government promised to legislate in 2020 cars without a steering wheel

Власти США обещают узаконить в 2020 году автомобили без руля

Next year on U.S. roads can cause cars with Autonomous control without a steering wheel. General Motors becomes the first automaker that you get permission from the National highway safety administration (NHTSA).

General Motors has this year requested permission to withdraw on public roads self-driving cars without steering wheel and pedals. But the authorities do not hurry with the adoption of such epochal industry solutions. However, negotiations between NHTSA and GM is close to completion. According to the NHTSA representative James Owens, agreement will be reached in 2020.

During the negotiations, the regulator raises many questions concerning the technical side of things. The authorities want to be sure that Autonomous vehicles are not less safe than cars driven by humans. The head of GM Mary Barra met with the Minister of transportation Elaine LAN Chao to discuss this issue.

When the government to satisfy the petition of GM, the company plans to produce about 2 500 cars without the usual controls. These machines after a series of tests will join the fleet of the service unmanned taxi Cruise.