The U.S. justice Department wants to prosecute Snowden for his book

Минюст США хочет засудить Сноудена за его книгу

The U.S. Department of justice filed a lawsuit against Edward Snowden for what he has violated contracts with the secret services, published this week a new book.

“Snowden has concluded agreements on the preservation of secrecy with the CIA and the national security Agency (NSA) in the period from 2005 until 2013, when he was their employee,” – said in the message.

As alleged in the lawsuit, the terms of the contract before publication of the book Snowden had to submit to the CIA and the NSA materials relating to U.S. intelligence.

In addition, the Ministry of justice requires Snowden to transfer all fees and payments for his book called “Permanent record” because of the violation of American law publishing company had no legitimate reason to print it.

“By signing the agreement with the CIA on secrecy, Snowden just admitted he understands and is aware that the United States government provides him a special trust, permitting access to secret information,” according to the lawsuit.

The Ministry of justice says that is not trying to restrict the distribution of books Snowden.

As reported, the ex-employee U.S. intelligence Edward Snowden in 2013 resides in Russia where he received asylum. In the US he could face punishment on charges of treason because he leaked secret information about the work of the NSA.