The U.S. Senate has limited military authority to trump

Сенат США ограничил военные полномочия Трампа

The Senate passed a resolution that restricts military powers of the US President for military action against Iran.

The decision was supported by eight Republicans and all 47 Democrats in the US Senate. In General, the resolution of Democrat Tim Kane has the support of 55 legislators, the remaining 45 voted against it. The document requires trump to withdraw any forces from positions against Iran within 30 days, if Congress does not approve military action against the country.

Republican senators who supported the resolution, noted that it is not about the restriction for trump, and about the return of the powers of Congress, which he handed over Executive power in recent decades.

“It’s important to acknowledge the role of the legislative branch regardless of what representative of the party bosses in the White house,” the Senator from the Republican party, Susan Collins.

Recall, January 3 the American armed forces struck a military base near Baghdad international airport. The shelling killed eight people, among those killed – Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

Soleimani was the commander of the organization, which the administration considers a terrorist trump. The US President Donald trump said that Soleimani was “the number one terrorist in the world.” Later, trump said that the US can strike at 52 Iranian targets if Tehran will attack Americans or U.S. facilities.

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