The U.S. Senate opposed a hasty withdrawal from Syria

Сенат США выступил против поспешного вывода войск из Сирии

The U.S. Senate supported the amendment of the Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell with a warning against hasty withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Syria.

According to Novoe Vremya, the McConnell amendment encourages the administration to trump first confirm the destruction of ISIL and al-Qaeda before begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and Syria.

The document has no binding force, but indicates the differences between the White house and Republicans in Congress.

Macconnel the amendment was supported by 70 senators voted against 26.

Trump’s decision to withdraw its troops from Syria, which has accelerated the resignation of the former Minister of defense James Mattis, sparked a fierce reaction on Capitol hill.

The withdrawal of troops from Syria trump explained the defeat of ISIS.

Turkey promises an offensive in Syria, if the United States will delay the withdrawal of troops.