The U.S. state Department announced a reward of $1 million for information about the son of bin Laden

В Госдепе США объявили награду в $1 млн за информацию о сыне бен Ладена

In the US State Department said that it would pay a reward of up to $1 million for information about the whereabouts of the son who was killed by American forces of the leader “al-kaidy” Osama bin Laden Hamza bin Laden, who is known as one of the leaders of the terrorist organization. This is stated on the Agency’s website.

The state Department said that since August 2015, bin Laden Junior has circulated on the Internet of audio and video messages, calling on his followers to attack the US and its Western allies in retaliation for the murder of his father.

In 2017, the Hamza bin Laden in the United States ranked as the category “global terrorist” and froze assets located in the United States.

The leader of extremist Islamic group al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden was named in USA as “enemy number one” after September 11, 2001 inspired them terrorists flew planes into the world trade center in new York and on the Pentagon.

In the night of 1 may 2, 2011 he was eliminated by American special forces in Abbottabad (Pakistan).

The head of the monitoring organization, SITE, Rita Katz has called the Hamza bin Laden “future young leader of the” jihadists and man, able to re-unite al Qaeda.