The Ukrainian army is able to confront the military threat of Russia Krivonos

Украинская армия способна противостоять вооруженной угрозе России - Кривонос

Despite attempts to show the weakness of the APU in opposition to the military threat of Russia, things are not nearly as bad as it seems some of the politicians.

Ukrainian armed forces ready to resist the attempts of the Russian Federation to escalate the situation in Eastern Ukraine, said Deputy Secretary of Council of national security and defence Sergey Krivonos.

“The Ukrainian army is ready to confront. Experience she is great, she has a fairly high level of professionalism, patriotism and able to rebuff the attempts of Russia to destabilize the situation in the country”, – said S. Krivonos Wednesday in broadcast television, “voice of America”, answering the question whether the Ukrainian army to the possible aggravation of the situation in the East of Ukraine before the parliamentary elections, Interfax-Ukraine.

S. Krivonos also noticed that the object of media attacks from the Russian Federation is Ukraine’s population.

“We consider… questions about overcoming active information operations by Russia on Ukraine’s population. And the main task of information operations is to destabilize the situation in the country by the hands and brain of the Ukrainians themselves. And it is clearly necessary to understand every Ukrainian”, – said Sergey Krivonos.

Deputy Secretary of the national security Council also did not rule out possible RF interference in the work of the energy system of Ukraine through cyber attacks.

“We are still in that condition when our energy dependence on Russia still exists and it can influence”, – said S. Krivonos. According to him, the measures which will significantly minimise such risks.

“Developed certain steps that when implemented has new leadership, a new team, these attempts can be reduced considerably. Let’s hope that the selection of people in the team of the new President will be a professional,” said Deputy Secretary of the NSDC.