The Ukrainian company avtomagnat suspected large-scale corruption scheme with “everblame”

Компанию украинского автомагната заподозрили в масштабной коррупционной схеме с ''евробляхами''

OOO “Automotive intelligent technology” ( “AIT”) from the environment of the Corporation “UkrAVTO” the former people’s Deputy Tariel Vasadze, allegedly earned about 25 million for “euroshare”, which cleared the car within the grace period.

This is referred to in the material of the journalist Eugene Blynskogo published in YouTube. According to him, the said amount the company received for the period from November 25, 2018 February 22, 2019, unreasonably raising the price of entry into the customs post “Capital”, which belongs to the “AIT”.

“Now “AIT” takes 870 UAH for entrance to the post and 150 UAH for Parking. In total 1020 g with each owner’s car. This price is the largest in Ukraine. For comparison, in Zhitomir such a service on the local customs costs 180 UAH. In Chernigov – about 120,” he disclosed details of the journalist.

As told to the journalist, “Capital” is Central to the capital in matters of customs clearance and 98% of all vehicles pass through this post. Thus, in 2017, the Antimonopoly Committee has established the fact of the monopoly of the company “AIT” on this customs post and the illegality of their tariff policy. The AMC found that “AIT” violated the law by charging fees from drivers not hourly, and per day per entry.

“The AMC then demanded to change the approach to pricing and set an hourly payment for the stay on this territory. And Vasadze has implemented the recommendations of the AMCU, establishing an adequate fee in the amount of 10 UAH per hour and 60 UAH – day,” Plinsky said.

“But seeing the number of “EuroBLECH” and the prospect of money, “AIT” has gone on risk, ignored the request of the AMC. The risk paid off. You guys have earned about $ 1 million. But here’s the problem. The AMC may launch a new investigation into these facts,” he concluded.