The Ukrainian economy problems: a new frightening forecast

Украинскую экономику ожидают проблемы: новый пугающий прогноз

In 2019, Ukraine’s GDP will continue to grow, but with a shorter pace

It is important to note that the rate will be reduced to 2.5%. Especially it will be noticeable compared to last year. Because in 2018 the economic growth rate was 3.5%. To restrain the growth of the economy will be tight monetary and fiscal policies. The latter is connected with the return of foreign debts, according to the forecast of the national Bank.

Monetary policy the Bank aims to bring inflation to 5%. Last year consumer inflation was 9.8%, according to the state statistics Committee. The base is 8.7%. “Domestic demand, both consumer and investment will remain the main engine of GDP growth”, – noted in the national Bank.

But, in 2020-2021’s economic growth will accelerate due to improved monetary policy and a revival of investment activity.

Earlier it was reported that there was an unexpected assessment of the state of Ukraine’s economy

The Ukrainian economy grew slightly by the end of 2018. Civil service statistics have improved the estimate of GDP growth for the fourth quarter of 2018 (over the same period of 2017) from 3.4% to 3.5%, according to its official website. There said the size of the gross product:

nominal GDP was 3.56 trillion. UAH.

per person-84,19 thousand UAH.

Actively grow the following five industries:

financial and insurance activities – 12.4%

agriculture, hunting and forestry 7.8%

construction of 7.2%

information and telecommunications – 6.1%

professional, scientific and technical activities – by 5.3%.

“Do banks resume lending, while continuing to actively increase the purchase of government bonds. Assets increase, the financial result improved. However, much state-run banks. Agriculture and food industry-strong economy, actively increasing their exports, ” says financial expert Vladislav Kravets. The Expert also shared his opinion about the prospects of development of some sectors of the economy.

“I think they will continue to increase the volume of production will remain the main suppliers of dollar in the country. As for construction, I think that it’s not only about housing, but also road construction, which has become one of the priorities of the government, ” said Kravets.

Украинскую экономику ожидают проблемы: новый пугающий прогноз

Украинскую экономику ожидают проблемы: новый пугающий прогноз