The Ukrainian intelligentsia urged not to vote for “the project of the odious oligarch Kolomoysky”

Украинская интеллигенция призывает не голосовать за «проект одиозного олигарха Коломойского»

Intellectuals before the second round of the presidential election urged citizens of Ukraine to vote for a showman Vladimir Zelensky, as it is “dependent project of the fugitive” oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Such an appeal to the Ukrainian people, the intellectuals appealed in an open letter.

“Ukrainian citizens! We see how society is spreading like an epidemic, the delight of a dubious contender for the role of Supreme commander of the armed forces. Actor Vladimir Zelensky, which many mistakenly associate with a fictional character of the TV series “servant of the people” Goloborodko, a serious contender for the top post of the Ukrainian state. Well, that’s his right. And the right of people to know who lies behind this theatrical mask”, – quotes the treatment of Interfax-Ukraine.

The message States that the presidential candidate Zelensky is a “project of the odious oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who plundered billions of dollars of PrivatBank and fled to Switzerland”.

“For the loot money to Ukraine oligarch shells on the presidential election a number of candidates. Its goal is to avoid responsibility and to regain the ability to parasitize on the state budget… Zelensky with all your way of life, offshore, information and business resource dependent Kolomoisky, TV stations, lawyers, Directors and consultants. He camouflaged the way of truth Goloborodko from the TV series “servant of the people”, and how scratched is a real servant of the corrupt fugitive oligarch”, – said in the letter.

Therefore, in their opinion, the media Kolomoisky “actively “promote” candidates-puppets like “Zelensky and Alexander Shevchenko.”

The national-democratic intelligentsia writes that Zelensky as a film producer, according to the investigation of program Schemes, “in the fifth year of the war earns a lot of money in Russia” and received funding for their projects from the budget of the aggressor state.

The authors of the message also indicates that Zelensky “were making fun of the Holy things for the Ukrainians: the Ukrainian language, the Tomos of autocephaly, and even Ukraine itself, exposing her as a porn actress” and he “never thought to apologize for it before the Ukrainian people”.

“Instead he humiliated apology to Putin’s executioner Ramzan Kadyrov,” write the representatives of the intelligentsia.

The letter also notes that members of the “Studio Quarter 95 V. Zelensky “cynically abused people who are on the Maidan risked their lives defending Ukraine’s European choice”.

“Choose this man as President means to turn Ukraine into an object of ridicule for the whole world. Recent history already knows what happened for the Ukrainian state and its defense, the Board ridicule from the oligarchic clique Yanukovych. Don’t give your vote “for fun” for a deceptive mask, a puppet of the corrupt oligarch From your…will determine the fate of the country”, – said in the letter.

The letter was signed by Vyacheslav Bryukhovetsky, Yuriy Buryak, Yurii Vinnichuk, Peter Volvach, Love Golota, Bohdan Horyn, Mykola zhulynskyi, Alexander Irvanets, Taras Kompanichenko, Dmitry Lomacy, Nadezhda Lukyanenko, Pavlo Movchan, Raisa nedashkivska, Mykola Nesterchuk, Vladimir Panchenko, Alexander Ponomarev, Mikhail Ratushny, IREN rozdobud’ko, Vadim Skuratovsky, Kyrylo Stetsenko, Mykola Tymoshyk, Leonid Finberg, Helen Finberg, Mykola Tsymbalyuk, Yuriy Shcherbak and Volodymyr Yavorivsky.

Sunday, March 31, Ukraine held a presidential election.

The Central election Commission has processed 99.99% of protocols with results of vote on elections of the President of Ukraine.

Showman Vladimir Zelensky received 30,24%, the current head of state Petro Poroshenko – by 15.95%, leader of the Batkivshchyna Yulia Tymoshenko – 13,40%.

Thus, in the second round of the elections Poroshenko go and Zelensky.