The Ukrainian military has awarded advocacy Skobeevo diploma

Украинские военные наградили пропагандистку Скабееву грамотой

On the occasion of a war correspondent by the Ukrainian military decided to award the diploma of the famous Russian propaganda Olga Skobeeva, which is now jokingly referred to as “cistern”.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote the officer of the Armed Forces Anatoly Stefan Callsign ridiculous. He also published a photo of this ratification.

Awarded the Russian propagandist and TV presenter Skobeeva Olga Vladimirovna. For the dedication and perseverance shown during the creation of reports and fake to the audience, exemplary performance of tasks of public relations of the Armed forces of Ukraine and NATO, the lack of professionalism and disregard of the principles of the profession “journalist”

– the document says.

Also, Stefan thanked her for her work in favor of the information component of Ukraine and references to live on the Federal channels of Russian occupation forces, Russian mercenaries and aggression, the so-called 200 brigade (brigade eliminated), and a number of other main propaganda messages.

“We hope for further cooperation”, – said ironically the military.


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Украинские военные наградили пропагандистку Скабееву грамотой