The Ukrainian military showed the destruction of enemy armored vehicles, ATGM Javelin. VIDEO

Украинские военные показали уничтожение вражеской бронетехники ПТРК Javelin. ВИДЕО

Units of the Ukrainian army worked counterattack in the event of a Russian army using anti-tank systems Javelin paired with “Stugna-P”.

Video was published by telegram channel “Ukrainian Dialogue”.

Published on one of the frames of the Ukrainian army units in the field deployed anti-tank missiles, and attacked enemy targets conditional. The video clearly shows how the released projectile “Javelina” comes to tactical target, undermining the armored personnel carrier.

In addition, paired with American ATGM “javelin” was used a complex of Ukrainian production “Stugna-P”, which is developed by one of the leading companies-developers of aircraft and anti-tank weapons Ukraine goskkb “Ray”.

Earlier, the head of the General staff of Ukraine said that every division of the Ukrainian army arriving in the area of environmental protection, will be supplied anti-tank systems Javelin that was purchased from the United States after consultation with the U.S. Department of State.