The Ukrainian pupils will study the de –

Украинские школьники обучатся декоммунизации

The Institute of national remembrance said that I wanted to teach the students of de-communization. A similar statement was made by the Director of the Institute Anton Drabovich.

He believes that already planned certain measures for the implementation of their plans.

“We are currently planning a number of events, projects for the year. For example, a series of lectures in the schools,”

– announced Drabovich.

Already announced that in March in Kakhovka (Kherson region) will hold the seminar “Creative decommunization”. Anton Drabovich believes that such events will help the Ukrainian society to get rid of communism.

Director of the Institute of naramachi said that soon the Ukrainians will want to get rid of Communist principles, settings and installations. His task as Director of the Institute of direct Ukrainian society in the right direction.

“We are thinking about how to apply to the young, active part of the population, it wanted to do. Because we now see that somewhere there are indifferent people, there’s being nostalgic, and there are activists who opposed. It is necessary to make so that was most interesting is the transformation of”,

divided Drabovich.