The Ukrainian set a record in Eurobasket 2019, but it has not helped the national team of Ukraine: video

Украинка установила рекорд на Евробаскет-2019, но это не помогло сборной Украины: видео

The captain of the female national team of Ukraine on basketball Alina Yagupov became the champion of the day’s play at the start of the European championship. In the match against the reigning Champions from Spain, it scored 38 points.

This is the highest number of points among all players of all teams that scored in the first day of the competition.

Video record 38 points Alina Yagupov in the match of the Eurobasket against Spain 2019

However, such a high performance leader saved our team from the start of the lesion. The national team of Ukraine in the first match lost to Spain.