The Ukrainian team failed to play a match in the Eurobasket via the political dispute between the two countries – 24 Channel

Збірна України не зуміла зіграти матч на ЄвроБаскеті через політичну суперечку двох країн - 24 Канал

Match cadet European championship U-16 men’s team Ukraine – Kosovo, which was planned on 10 August at 22:00 will not take place. As long as the match moved, but they may cancel, and the national team of Kosovo to set off technical defeat.

The reason why the match will not take place – the national team of Kosovo has not appeared at Eurobasket in Sarajevo, as Bosnia and Herzegovina does not recognize the independence of the new Balkan countries, according to the basketball Federation of Ukraine.

Now FIBA takes the matches with the participation of the national team of Kosovo. So, the match Bosnia and Herzegovina – Kosovo, which was to be held on August 9, was postponed to 12 August. And the match Ukraine – Kosovo postponed to August 15.

If Kosovo still does not appear in the tournament and will not play the first two games, the team will be counted technical defeat.

The next match involving the national team of Ukraine to be held on 11 August against Switzerland. Beginning at 22:00.

It should be noted that this is not the first such situation in the Ukrainian sport, when the teams meet with representatives of Kosovo. The national team of Ukraine on football official matches against the national team of Kosovo in 2016 played on a neutral field in Albania and Poland. After all, Ukraine is also not recognized Kosovo’s independence. Even in 2015, faced with a similar players of handball club “galichanka” who had to play with the club “Pristina”. Athletes from Kosovo to Ukraine did not let the border guards.

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