The Ukrainians explained that is considered a bribe: the amount will surprise you

Украинцам пояснили, что считается подкупом: сумма вас удивит

The interior Ministry reported that the amount is a bribe for Ukrainians

Bribery in Ukraine comes from the amount of approximately UAH 60.

The Minister of internal Devala John Varchenko said that currently in Ukraine there are entitled, in accordance with which the bribe Ukrainians comes from funds equivalent to approximately 60 UAH.

He added that the liability for bribery in addition to exactly who receives the funds – up to two years loss of freedom. Who arranges the bribe, threatening up to 7 years of imprisonment.

In case your gift, and more specifically – the subject of political campaigning that you give to the citizen, does not exceed this amount, in this case, it is not considered bribery of a citizen, – said the adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs.

The Minister’s Advisor Volodymyr Filenko also said that the objects of the election campaign are required to be paid for from the electoral Fund.

At the same time, Varchenko, answering the question of whether one kilogram of buckwheat be regarded as bribery of voters, indicated that “today, even buckwheat can be”, but added that the bill No. 8270 has a certain limitation concerning the goods supply.

“And if we have such little expectation that it will be bill No. 8270 installed in Ukraine until the day of voting, and accordingly, we will receive an additional limitation is that buckwheat will also be treated to a swag of voters,” – said the adviser of the Minister.

In turn, the adviser of the Minister Volodymyr Filenko highlighted the fact that including pens, boxes, etc. are required to be paid for from the electoral Fund.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was the most corrupt state institution of Ukraine

This is indicated by the study of the all-Ukrainian network of virtue and compliance UNIC “Corruption in Ukraine – business view”, the presentation of the results of which were presented on Tuesday, February 12.

According to the research of UNIC, the degree of bribery and corruption in Ukraine has increased from 56 % in 2016 up to 73% in 2018.

The UNIC study, conducted through a sample survey of 305 managing companies and their deputies, revealed that 54% of respondents believe that corruption and unfair actions of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada “very distinctive” and 13 percent “somewhat characteristic”, 7% sometimes, 23% – were undecided and only 2% agreed with the proposition that the corruption in Parliament is almost nothing common, with 1% missing.

Украинцам пояснили, что считается подкупом: сумма вас удивит

Украинцам пояснили, что считается подкупом: сумма вас удивит