The Ukrainians explained the nuances of the accumulative pension system

Украинцам разъяснили нюансы накопительной системы пенсий

In the case of adoption of bill No. 2683 “On compulsory accumulative pensions” working people of Ukraine to retirement will be required to make contributions.

The draft law was published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

According to the published document, workers and employers must participate in the accumulative system of pension provision. For the first category of persons the contribution will be 1 % of salary. For employers it will be equal to 2% of employee income.

It is noted that employees may increase their contributions.

The employer must be in proportion to make the Supplement make money their employee contributions to 5 % of the employee’s salary.

The accumulated money will be a property participating in the system. When he dies, his savings will go to heirs.

To keep the Pension assets of the Treasury are the banks that have access to activities in the second level of the system through authorization.

Each participant system will be necessary to define pension portfolios (dynamic, balanced or conservative) of an authorized company, which manages assets of Pension Treasury. You will also be able to choose the pension Fund is not state type.

The contributions, who have not yet chosen, distributed among all pension portfolios, management of which is the responsibility of the company authorised to manage assets.

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