The Ukrainians have full rights to land: the expert cited arguments

Украинцам нужно полноценное право на землю: эксперт привел аргументы

If the Ukrainian can not dispose of the land – to give, lay in the Bank to sell – that means he does not have the full rights to it.

The specialist in constitutional law, associate Professor of Department of constitutional law of Ukraine “National law University. Yaroslav the Wise”, a member of the Constitutional Commission of Ukraine Vsevolod rechitskiy said in an interview with “Today”

In his opinion, declared in the Constitution of Ukraine right of the people to the land – the deception of population.

“The Constitution as such, they are documents of advanced capitalism. The so-called “socialist Constitution” is a hoax in the definition of. Close to reality today are the only Western market and at the same time, the liberal-democratic Constitution. Educated, modern economists, political scientists and lawyers know that if something is declared public property, it is not actually property. At best, it’s just an indication of the spatial boundaries of state jurisdiction, at worst – a direct and deliberate deception of the population. Property can be owned by either one person, or group of specific individuals that can manage their assets for real, that is, to the end – to give, lay in the Bank to sell to someone who will pay more. If the property cannot be freely sold, it is not property in the classic sense and meaning. If the property is owned by everyone, that means it actually does not belong to anyone. Unfortunately, it is this “collectivist” scheme we have registered the ownership of land in the basic Law. This problem is faced not one Petro Poroshenko,” – said the expert on constitutional law.

In his opinion, the Crimean Tatars who survived the deportation and genocide, clearly deserve to be with them finally came true.

“I worked in a group to change the Constitution in upgrading the status of Crimea in the last Constitutional Commission. As soon as we started to see that modern international law guarantees indigenous peoples, we saw that there are many self-government and rights, real rights to land. But we approached the issue of land for the Crimean Tatars, as rested in article 13 of the Constitution, which says that the land in Ukraine is public property,” complains Rechitsa.

He added that if Ukraine wants to survive as a country, we have to admit that the Constitution needs to be turned into a mechanism that allows people to freely and safely live.

“Without full recognition of the right of private ownership of land Ukraine will continue to deteriorate. Exactly property and assets makes modern man a social creature, the taking of ownership returns person’s biological status. Therefore, the Ukrainian land should be given to the people. This is difficult, because the land is the basic resource. As did Michael Hrushevsky, a good land law is the embodiment of constitutional law of Ukraine,” summed up “, member of the Constitutional Commission.

Recall news “Today” reported that the Prosecutor’s office returned to the state of 55 hectares of land in Dnipropetrovsk region

Recall, from September 2018 to may 2019 in Ukraine held a successful 1037 electronic land auctions for a total amount 79,18 million. They spent SOE SETS of Agency search and management of assets and the state service for geodesy, cartography and cadastre through the platform OpenMarketLand.

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