The Ukrainians have prepared an unpleasant surprise with the work book

Украинцам подготовили малоприятный сюрприз с трудовыми книжками

The labor book is the main document confirming the work experience of any employee. However, now its existence is absolutely nothing the Ukrainians are not guarantees.

The entry in the workbook no longer guarantees workers that they will be credited with seniority. My opinion on air of TV channel “Ukraine 24” said economist Taras Kozak.

“Our citizens are accustomed to, that work experience is an entry in the workbook. In Soviet times, it happened that written in the workbook – then the experience is. In fact, from 2017, the situation has changed. Now plays the role of insurance experience. That is, are only those months for which they were paid fees. That is, when a citizen has been issued to work officially, and the employer paid him ERU,” explained Kozak.

ERU – consolidated insurance premium in Ukraine, the collection of which is carried out in the system of compulsory state insurance is mandatory and on a regular basis.

So, if the employer for some reason has not paid a single social contribution or paid a salary in an envelope, then this month citizen will not get the insurance period and this period will not be counted.

Thus, an employee may think that he has 40 years of experience, and in the end figure would be significantly less. It is important to consider these points so you do not have to face the consequences of wrong actions.