The Ukrainians spoke about the level of inflation: prices

Украинцам рассказали об уровне инфляции: что будет с ценами

Inflation in Ukraine has reached record-low numbers

This was reported in the State statistics service.

In particular, in February 2019 inflation in Ukraine slowed to 0.5% from 1% a month earlier and 0.8% in December last year.

Also, the report noted that in annual terms, consumer price growth dropped to 8.8%.

As it turned out that the largest contribution to this result made the vegetables in February grew by 6.6%. Along with the vegetables fall in the inflation rate contributed to the fruits they have increased in price over the past month and 3.6%. There were also many components of the inflation basket, which in February, even cheaper:

Eggs lost 3.6% from January prices.

Shoes and clothing fell by 3.5%.

Fuel and oil by 2%.

Most of the rest of the positions even a little, but added to the price. For example, according to the state statistics service, the utilities added a modest 0.5% and health care up 0.6%.

Experts estimates officials reacted with cautious optimism. And I say that not all of the aforementioned figures, ordinary Ukrainians can be confirmed at the cash desks of supermarkets.

Earlier it was reported that the average level of wages in Ukraine may rise up to 12 thousand hryvnia per month.

This became known after the statement of Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko.

According to the Minister, in 2019, the growth rate of wages by 15-20% is a very real and achievable goal. Even taking into account the inflation in the region of 8-9%, the total income of citizens will increase. If the forecast is justified, the salaries of Ukrainians will rise to 10-11%. In addition, Rozenko said that in three years the minimum wage in Ukraine has increased from 53 USD to 152 USD. This is not the limit possible, as there are economic opportunities for growth.

However, it is worth Recalling that in Ukraine there are about 20% of families remain at risk of poverty and can’t afford anything but paying utilities and buying food.

Украинцам рассказали об уровне инфляции: что будет с ценами

Украинцам рассказали об уровне инфляции: что будет с ценами