The Ukrainians spoke about the “Scam” in supermarkets

Украинцам рассказали о "лохотроне" в супермаркетах

The visitor of a supermarket in Kiev region counted for the goods more than he originally bargained for. As it turned out, the readings on the control scale in the room and at the cash register seriously different.

How to cheat the buyers in Ukrainian supermarkets and what to do in such cases, the publication OBOZREVATEL.

The obveshivanie in the supermarket posted in the group “boiarka” Facebook Alexander Mazurenko.

The man weighed on the checkweigher Kale to understand whether he has enough cash for this purchase. After paying at the checkout Mazurenko to his surprise, he found that the weight specified in the bill was nearly 300 grams more.

“Immediately approach the guard and ask, so he went with me to control scales. Show him a check, and the data on the scoreboard. He says we’ll figure it out. Go to the cashier. I show her a photo of the test weights and check, ask how so? And then she tells me that the checkweigher is the approximate weight, and the cashier is accurate,” wrote Mazurenko.

Alexander noted that he did not spend time to solve the conflict, because in the car his wife was waiting with a small child.

“But the fact of such a Scam pissed me off. I wonder what sort of magnitude for day, month, year, if each cabbage UAH 7?” – asks Mazurenko.

Украинцам рассказали о "лохотроне" в супермаркетах

Украинцам рассказали о "лохотроне" в супермаркетах