The Ukrainians will be in March, “real money” to pay for communal

Украинцы получат в марте "живые деньги" на оплату коммуналки

The government at the meeting on Wednesday took the decision to launch in March of this year a program of monetization of subsidies, which will allow Ukrainians to obtain “real money” to pay for public services. In parallel will operate the second program of monetization, which subsidiary will be able to receive cash payments for unused services.

So, all assigned to the grant in 2018 will receive in March the cash for payment of utility payment for February 2019. Accordingly, in April, will come the funds for payment for the consumed services in March, in may for the April communal.

The whole subsidy “old” subsidianes will be transferred money transfer through the state Oschadbank, and pensioners will pay the Pension Fund at the same time with a pension. The average size of payments will amount to 1.5 thousand UAH. According to the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva, to receive monetize the subsidies claimed 3 million 742 thousand households.

To receive a money transfer will need to contact the nearest branch of the savings Bank and provide your passport and identification code. Simultaneously with the remittance to each recipient of the grant will open a personal Bank account which will be credited the amount of the grant in April and may. Pensioners that receive pension payments through other banks will be able to withdraw the subsidy directly at the ATM of the Bank. For those who have no pension card subsidy together with a pension will be delivered by the postal service.

Starting in may 2019 will be reassignment subsidy for the new year.

For example. If the family receives monthly from the state a subsidy of 1600 UAH and payment system for gas in February will come to 1100 UAH, 500 UAH will remain her own needs or to pay bills, say, water or electricity. That is, the essence of the new mechanism is that a household will receive support from the state in the form of subsidies in cash and then will be able to pay for the consumed services, and the savings to use at their discretion. Thus, such a thing as a mandatory payment will be cancelled.