The Ukrainians will be in November bills excluding benefits and subsidies

Украинцы получат в ноябре платежки без учета льгот и субсидий

This is due to the start of the second stage of monetization of subsidies.

Ukrainians in November will receive bills for communal services with the amounts without consideration of benefits and subsidies. This was announced by the Ministry of social policy.

As told Deputy Minister of social policy Vitaly muzichenko during the briefing in the Department, it is connected with the beginning of the second stage of monetization of subsidies.

Since the payment for October, all benefit recipients and subsidiary will receive full size bills excluding benefits, “said the official.

All payments for communal services will hold the bodies of social protection of the population, whereas previously it was done by the utility.

After the calculation of the social welfare agencies independently transfer funds, and subsidiary will be able to receive them or the account, or “savings,” which he will hold the payment on receipts.

In the Ministry added that more than 95% of subsidianes get the money to pay for housing services in the form of cash – through the state Bank. Beneficiaries will be notified of the receipt of subsidies by SMS.

And all who receive a subsidy “real money” must pay according to the charges.