The Ukrainians would also increase the bills: Bukovec wants two-fold increase in the rate of gas consumption

Украинцам опять увеличат платежки: Буславец хочет в два раза повысить нормы потребления газа

Ukrainians in the payment again it will take off the amount – this time for gas consumption. Led by Olga Bukovec the Department of energy and environmental protection initiated the increase at twice the rate of gas consumption for those who have no meters and proposed to separate it by seasons. In the cold season, according to the proposal of the Ministry, Ukrainians will have to pay for gas several times more.

The relevant draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers published on the website of the Ministry, said “Biznestsentr”.

Busevec calculated that the raising of standards will affect residents of apartments 3.3 million or 24.9% of the housing stock, where there is no gas meter.

So, the rate of gas consumption to increase from 3.28 cubic meters to 5.2 cubic meters per person in apartment with a gas stove and centralized hot water. And from October to March, the standard for such consumers will be even higher to 7.6 cubic metres per person.

In apartments with a gas stove but no centralized hot water, the norm want to increase from 5.39 cubic meters to 7.1 cubic meters per person per month, and in the heating period of up to 12 cubic meters.

In apartments where there is a gas stove and water heater the rate of consumption will grow from 10.49 cubic meters to 16.3 cubic meters, and in the heating period, up to 27 cubic meters.

When there is no hot water, the rate of gas consumption for gas stoves from Bukovec want to increase from the current of 5.39 cubic meters to 7.1 cubic meters per person per month from April to September and 12 cubic meters in the remaining months.

As noted in the explanatory note to the document, this increase in consumption is associated with reports of “uncontrolled” gas consumption by the population. “And this in turn leads to gratuitous use of gas by household consumers for the sum of 2,7 billion UAH per year (383 million cubic meters of natural gas)”, – stated in the Ministry of energy.

Note, appointed April 16 Bukovec in October 2019 was one of the developers of the draft resolution of the Cabinet, which proposes to provide LLC “DTEK Skhidenergo” of Rinat Akhmetov gas price below the selling price of “Naftogaz” to the population and other protected consumers by 46% -69%.