The UN demanded that Putin to stop the terror against the Crimean Tatars

ООН потребовали от Путина прекратить террор против крымских татар

The monitoring mission of the UN for human rights on his page on Facebook urged Russia to cancel the ban of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars.

“We urge the Russian Federation to implement the court order and the UN to lift the ban on the activities of the Majlis”, – is told in the message of the United Nations.

Also on the page, the organization stated that the decision of the Supreme Court of the Crimea on the abolition of the Majlis was upheld by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of September 29, 2016. The result of such a decision Executive body of the Crimean Tatars Mejlis is unable to perform their functions for 3 years.

As reported, the international court of justice said that Russia should refrain from restricting all of the representative bodies of the Crimean Tatars, including the Majlis.

29 September on 74 year of life has died Yury Meshkov, the first and only President of Crimea. As reported by his daughter Marianne Meshkov, the only President of Crimea went to the hospital of Krasnogorsk (Moscow region) on September 16 to treatment after a stroke.