The UN General Assembly: expectations and challenges for the Ukrainian delegation

Генассамблея ООН: ожидания и вызовы для украинской делегации

These days in the United States held session of the UN General Assembly, which takes part of the Ukrainian delegation headed by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

Will tell that will discuss the UN and what are the challenges facing the representatives of Ukraine.

The principle activities of the UN General Assembly

The General Assembly is one of the 6 main UN bodies. Difference is equal representation – one country – one vote. In the composition of the body is composed of all 193 countries.

According to the UN Charter, the forum discussed issues of joint activities of countries on a wide range of issues. Among them: development, peace and security in the world. The General Assembly also plays an important role in the process of developments of standards and codification of international law.

The UN General Assembly is held every September-December in new York.

The powers of the Assembly include making recommendations to countries on issues that fall within its competence. She also initiated actions-political, economic, humanitarian, social and legal nature that have benefited millions of people around the world.

The main issues of the UN General Assembly in the year 2019.

This year in addition to the General debate, world leaders will take part in summits and meetings of high level. These measures are aimed at enhancing actions to addressing climate change, accelerating progress towards sustainable development, which will provide health, peace and prosperity for all.

The basis of the deliberations-2019 lie the aspects of sustainable development adopted by world leaders in 2015 for the period until 2030. 17 interrelated agreed objectives is a universal call to action to overcome poverty and hunger and expanding access to health care, education, justice and jobs while protecting our planet from environmental degradation.

In addition to these questions in the 74th session of the UN General Assembly will discuss the question of restoring the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. The corresponding item “the Situation in temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine” was included in the agenda of the September 16 vote by the General Committee of the UNGA.

The main tasks and expectations of the President of Ukraine

During his visit to the US and participation in the UN General Assembly, Vladimir Zelensky needs to give a speech during the General debate of the session, and to participate in the summit on sustainable development.

Also, the Ukrainian President will hold bilateral meetings with leaders of foreign countries. The long-awaited meeting with US President Donald trump. For dialogue of leaders of the two countries attracted the attention of the American public and politicians because of the scandal that arose after a telephone conversation.

The meeting of Vladimir Zelensky and Donald trump to be held on September 25. The date of the meeting confirmed in the White house and said, what are you planning to discuss the presidents of the countries.

So, Donald trump intends to congratulate Vladimir Zelensky victory in the presidential election and his efforts to overcome corruption in Ukraine, writes “RBC-Ukraine”.

Also the US President plans to address the issues of cooperation in energy and trade, to discuss further reforms of Ukraine’s economy.

The U.S. state Department predicts that from meeting Ukraine should be confirmed further support the reform process.

Vladimir Zelensky expects a meeting with the US President will be productive. “I think we will have a substantive, a powerful meeting,” – said Vladimir Zelensky in new York.

He stressed that Ukraine needs the support of the United States.

The Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko said that the main task of the meeting of leaders of Ukraine and the USA – to establish personal contact and to discuss the prospects of bilateral relations.

According to the Minister, there is a “whole list of problems” that need to come with US, passed Today. Pristayko also added that some of the issues accumulated so far at the level of the business idea, for example, the problem of energy security of Ukraine.

Assistant Secretary of state in the years 2013-2017 Victoria Nuland told Vladimir Zelensky, what conversation tactics should be selected for a meeting with trump. “One of the most interesting ways, which the President Zelensky to start the conversation with President trump is to make sure that our President understands the obligations Zelensky on privatization in the economy and the move towards land reform. This means that now in the US there is a great opportunity to invest in Ukraine and help with economic growth, welfare, help with a more European style economy, which will also strengthen 93% of the territory of Ukraine (which are controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. – Ed.) and make you even more attractive magnet for the return of territories”, – she said.

According to Nuland, Vladimir Zelensky “needs to give President Trump to understand that the sanctions that we have imposed, provide the necessary leverage to put Putin to the negotiating table”. And if the dialogue on the resolution of the conflict in the Donbass will not, sanctions should remain.