The UN security Council on the Donbass: at a glance the results of the meeting (VIDEO)

Совбез ООН по Донбассу: коротко итоги заседания (ВИДЕО)

At a meeting of the UN security Council discussed the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the offensive by Russia-backed militants in the Donbas 18 Feb

In new York held a meeting of the UN security Council, which discussed implementation of the Minsk agreements and the offensive by Russia-backed militants in the Donbas on February 18.

The meeting was convened at the initiative of Russia, which tried to accuse Ukraine in the ongoing war in the Donbass.

Edition published a brief retelling of the positions of the speakers

The US representative recalled that Russia invaded Ukrainian Crimea and caused the conflict in the East. The diplomat noted the positive efforts of Ukraine and stressed that Russia continues to Fund insurgents and called today (February 18) increase in Donbass another violation of Minsk agreements by Russia. It reiterated the U.S. position supporting Ukraine and condemning Russia’s actions.

The representative of Germany recalled the fact that today is 5 years since the fighting in debaltseve and said that Russia continues to violate the Minsk agreement. He answered the representative of Russia, who at the meeting accused Ukraine of violating the Minsk agreements, saying that the situation is just the opposite – Russia is fully responsible for the ongoing hostilities in the Donbas, including today’s aggravation.

The representative of great Britain has accused Russia that she is trying to mislead the world community about the situation in the Donbass, and expressed agreement with the position of Germany. She noted that the goal of Russia is to control the situation in Ukraine. The UK representative reported the presence of militants of the modern Russian weapons and said that the initiator of hostilities in Donbas is Russia, which continues to fuel the conflict.

The representative of Estonia criticized the current escalation in the Luhansk region. He called the attack by the armed forces of Russia-supported militants the next Chapter in the aggression of Russia against Ukraine’s territorial integrity. He noted that Russia continues to violate the Minsk agreement. He urged Russia to withdraw its troops from the occupied territories and to cease to exert political pressure on Ukraine.

The representative of France spoke about the positive changes that have occurred recently, such as the meeting in the Normandy format and the exchange of prisoners. He urged Russia to use its influence on militants, never mentioning about the direct responsibility of the Russian Federation for the war in the Donbass. The representative of France expressed his country’s support towards Ukraine.

Sergiy Kyslytsya thanked the members of the security Council for supporting Ukraine. He spoke about the attack on Ukrainian army positions by Russian occupation forces, noting that the Kremlin continues the policy of escalation in the Donbas. In recent months, the Ukrainian positions were shelled more than 400 times since the beginning of the year killed 13 soldiers APU. This is a full-scale war, said the Sorrel.

He stressed that Russia is once again trying to represent the victim of aggression initiated it – it offends the memory of the fallen Ukrainian soldiers. He showed a photo of the victim today, 22-year-old Maxim Chytilova. Sorrel said that Russia continues to supply weapons to the occupied territories and the illegal armed groups there are already superior military power of many European countries.

Further Oxalis said that occupied Crimea turned into a “ghetto, which constantly violate human rights” and a military base.

No matter what, said the Kislitsa, Ukraine continues to strive to achieve peace. He announced on the war in Donbass the UN General Assembly meeting, which is scheduled for February 19. At the end of his speech, the Sorrel has quoted a poem by Soviet poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, “do the Russians Want war” and reminded of the outbreak in Russia’s politics of glorification of Stalin, which is responsible for the genocide of the Ukrainian people.

In the final speech the representative of Russia gave his usual RF position, and also accused Ukraine of today’s fight in the Donbas.

Sergiy Kyslytsya has responded to the accusation of a Russian diplomat. After him the representative of Germany responded to the Russian, saying that really believes in the Donbas separatists are puppets of the Kremlin.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations political and peacebuilding rosemary DiCarlo expressed concern that due to the lack of strong political will among all sides in the Donbas may be slipping to more violence, reports.

We will remind, early in the morning on February 18 in the village of Golden Lugansk region suddenly began actively fighting, trying to capture the strongholds of the APU. Russian-backed militants ORDO opened artillery fire from all systems, the positions of the 72nd and 93rd separate mechanized brigades. Also used the caliber of 152 mm. and tanks.

In the fighting one soldier was killed, three wounded and two shell-shocked. Losses of fighters – 4 dead and 6 wounded. The fight lasted about five hours.