The unbeaten super League leaders “Prometheus” and “Khimik” will play against each other: the announcement of matches

Непобедимые лидеры Суперлиги "Прометей" и "Химик" сыграют между собой: анонс матчей

From 17 to 20 October in the super League Parimatch will be held the next matches of the regular part of the season. The team will play seven matches, each of which has its own interesting to the fans.

Beginner division and the leader of the standings “Prometheus” will be home to accept the current champion of Ukraine “Chemist”. This is the only team who so far are unbeaten. “Chemist” behind “Prometheus”, but has one match in reserve.

It’s hard to say who will be able to continue the winning streak. Especially when you consider that the leader of the super League Parimatch due to injury lost a defender Randy Culpepper. The American Legion was injured in the game against Dnipro and was out for at least a month. In four matches of the season, he averaged 19.5 points.

At “the Chemist” in the ranks ISA Williams and Everal of Ugba, which was included in the symbolic five weeks of the super League Parimatch. And Overal in General has become the MVP of the tour. Adding that then “the Chemist” waiting and play with the “lions” that house is very unyielding.

Left without a key player and “Dnepr”. After the examination had to go under the knife of surgeons center Cyril the Stretch, which bothered my knee. The operation was successful, but now it is waiting for a period of rehabilitation. Without him the team will play on departure with “Nikolaev” which has scored the least points.

It is also worth to highlight the meeting of the “Cherkassy monkeys” and “Kiev-basket”. Teams are placed in standings, and the victory will allow to escape to from time. “Kiev-basket” before the start of the season received a lot of advances and is considered one of the contenders for the title. Although, “Cherkassk Mavpy” last year took the title and won’t mind him back. The whole struggle is still ahead.

Непобедимые лидеры Суперлиги "Прометей" и "Химик" сыграют между собой: анонс матчей