The unexpected statement of the scientists: during the colonization of Mars will help the wine

Неожиданное заявление ученых: во время колонизации Марса поможет вино

Components of red wine can help during the colonization of Mars. This decision was made by scientists from NASA . They argue that the beneficial properties of resveratrol will help to keep the muscles of astronauts in good shape and not lose shape.

Writes Naked science, during the flight to Mars, astronauts will spend a lot of time in conditions of very low gravity.

On the red planet it will be only 40% of the earth. Therefore, the muscles of the colonialists will not experience the same stress as on Earth, and as a result weakened. This would adversely affect the endurance of the astronauts.

Details of the study. During the study, researchers found that resveratrol found in the skins of some berries, including grapes, has a positive effect on the body. Particularly rich in resveratrol red wine.

Scientists have conducted experiments on mice. Results rodents treated with resveratrol was better: their muscles are in good shape, the seizure was the same as in the Earth, the weight of the rodents did not increase.

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