The unification with Poroshenko and objectives in Parliament – exclusive interview Groisman

Объединение с Порошенко и задачи в Раде - эксклюзивное интервью Гройсмана

Volodymyr Groysman said in an interview with the tyzhden Facts its strategy for the elections to the Verkhovna Rada and why decided not to merge with Petro Poroshenko.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said in an interview with the tyzhden Facts, why did you decide to go for parliamentary elections with his party and why was forced to withdraw from the merger with Petro Poroshenko.

– Yesterday you talked about the fact that they are ready to cooperate with the new President, with the Parliament in order to election to get something else to do. And suddenly resign. And here is the new head of the presidential Administration says that you just want to dump the responsibility on Zelensky.

– I never was afraid of responsibility, never shift to anyone else. I believe that the election of a new President means new opportunities.

There are many public issues that can make Ukraine stronger.

But if you combine the efforts of the elected President, Parliament, government, which works until the next parliamentary elections, we could make a number of important steps.

– During this period before the election?

For the period before the election.

First, consider the political part. The whole country suggests that we need a new electoral system. It is the absolute truth.

Second position. I have a number of economic laws in the Parliament that we as the government support. They will provide more rapid economic growth, new jobs.

The President assumes responsibility for the agenda.

The third block. We signed the Association agreement with the European Union. If we accept the package of laws that fully complies with the rapprochement with the EU, it will also open up new opportunities.

If the President believes that with this government it may not work, for me it means only one thing. That agenda, which is important for the country will not be realized.

For a couple of days after his resignation we saw the hryvnia began to fall, the dollar went up, the panic in the financial market. Arrived mission of IMF and found that no one with whom to negotiate.

The mission was planned even before the inauguration on 21 may.

We were preparing for another viewing program. I had a very clear plan, government plan, how we manage debt, how we work with the IMF, because without stability in Ukraine to achieve at this stage is impossible.

– The team Zelensky has sounded the thesis that now it is possible to refuse the next tranche of the IMF, because the authorities had managed to amass record gold reserves – 20 billion

– To burn the reserves may very quickly. The country is now on the balance sheet in good financial condition.

The Single Treasury account has accumulated about 60 billion UAH. All programs are funded.

I have three years of this stability kept and hoarded reserves. My strategy was to generally pay debts.

More recently, the debt to GDP ratio was 80%, now 59%. That is, it decreases to GDP and opens onto a safe path, and it had to continue.

Now the IMF said that the mission is working, we are in dialogue. That is, for the IMF it is important that when viewing a program has been certified by a clear policy that will continue to make the state.

– The fact that they are now slowed, says that they questioned?

When they arrived and heard about the early dissolution of Parliament and early elections – that means they stopped.

And they say: “You choose a new Parliament, the new Parliament will elect a new government and we will continue to talk about the continuation of our cooperation.”

– You spoke with the President after the resignation and anyway, what’s next? That is, you will be acting? Who runs the government?

– First, the Parliament should consider my resignation.

After the Parliament will approve my resignation, I continue to work as Prime Minister before the formation of the new government. So continue to run all the Ministers.

– You start to prepare for the elections urgently in parallel?

– For me participation in the elections is not just a desire to participate in elections.

I have a clear view on what can make Ukraine and Ukrainians stronger.

In terms of when I was Prime Minister or the Prime Minister of the coalition, I am very limited in their career opportunities, the techniques of the solutions that I considered more effective.

– You can unite with Poroshenko, were these conversations?

– This proposal was from the President, and I can say that many politicians were saying among themselves about the possibilities.

I have decided, I will go alone and this decision is final for me.

I think we’re just different.

– Your party is called Ukrainian strategy. What strategy will the company?

– What we offer, we know how to do.

I know exactly what we will offer, will make Ukraine strong and people rich.

It will affect all spheres of life. I want the people lived in security, with a normal income and that they have confidence in tomorrow, and tomorrow.

This is three fundamental tasks that need to be addressed. How to solve them, I understand.