The United States and Japan have agreed on joint exploration of the moon

США и Япония договорились о совместном освоении Луны

The Japanese government signed an agreement with NASA on joint activities for the exploration of the moon, the press service of the National office for Aeronautics and space USA.

Principal agreements on cooperation in this area, the leaders of the countries reached in may 2019. Cooperation will occur within the framework of American program “Artemis”. The Japanese are helping the Americans to create a lunar station Gateway (“Gate”), in the future they plan to use it as a transit point for flights from the Earth to Mars. In addition, the countries will work together to develop the surface of the satellite.

The US has repeatedly invited Russia to participate in the project on creation of a lunar station. Initially, “Roskosmos” has answered with flat refusal, citing the unwillingness to play second fiddle. In 2019 to negotiations on this topic back, but again agreement could not be reached. In may 2020, NASA in coordination with the state Department again invited the Russian colleagues to join the project, but so far without concrete results.