The United States began the process of leaving the Paris climate agreement

США начали процесс выхода из Парижского соглашения по климату

On Monday, the US began the official process of withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.

The process will be completed in a year. This is stated in the statement of the press service of the state Department on behalf of Secretary Michael Pompeo, reports.

“USA today began the process of withdrawal from the Paris agreement. Under the agreement, the United States sent an official statement about the release in UN – marked in the text. – The output will be completed within a year after notification”.

“The US President Donald trump 1 June 2017 said the decision to withdraw from the Treaty, as it had placed non-transparent economic obligations to American workers, businesses and taxpayers, – said in a statement. – US has cut emissions… the Results speak for themselves: emissions from 1970 to 2018 decreased by 74%, and greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 to 2017 year fell by 13%.”

According to Pompeo, the U.S. approach includes consideration of global energy and the use of all energy resources, efficient technology, minerals, nuclear energy and renewable energy.

“In the framework of international discussions, we will continue to offer realistic and pragmatic model based on achieving real results, innovation and leading role of open markets for greater prosperity, – said the state Secretary. – We will continue to work with our global partners to build resilience to climate change impacts and preparedness of disaster response. Continue, as before, to explore, to reform and develop our economy, while reducing emissions and providing assistance to our friends and partners in the world.”

The Charter of Paris was adopted on December 12, 2015 the results of the 21st conference of the framework Convention on climate change. Participating countries agreed not to allow the increase in the average temperature of the planet by the year 2100 by more than two degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. The agreement, in particular, provides for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.