The United States called the following steps to supply weapons to Ukraine

США назвали следующие шаги для поставок оружия в Украину

The issue of arms is being discussed between the defense ministries of the States

United States of America opened for Ukraine the possibility of acquiring defensive weapons. This was stated by the special representative of the USA in Ukraine Kurt Volker, the correspondent of RBC-Ukraine.

Walker emphasized that now Ukraine has the opportunity to buy military weapons in the United States. He also recalled the previous purchases of American arms Ukraine.

“We are working with Ukraine just because of this, as with our other close friends. In this direction is the process of appropriation through Congress. With this procedure, the Ukraine was granted with defensive weapons such as Javelin or protivogrippoznye system,” he said.

The special envoy added that Washington has provided to the Ukrainian government the opportunity to purchase U.S. defense weapons. He noted that further steps of the supply process is the discussion between governments and defence agencies.

“We also opened up the possibility for Ukraine to purchase defensive weapons if she wants to buy. In fact, Ukraine this year has made changes in its legislation, which now allows the purchase of foreign military equipment. The next steps in this process – it is a discussion between governments. Between the Pentagon and the Ministry of defense of Ukraine: what are the needs of Ukraine and, what systems are in the United States,” said Walker.