The United States can impose duties on oil imports

США могут ввести пошлины на импорт нефти

The US President Donald trump said that the United States can impose duties on imports of crude oil in order to protect the American oil industry from the sharp collapse of prices on the world market – in case if Russia and Saudi Arabia in the near future, agree on reduction of volumes of oil production.

Trump said on Saturday during a briefing on the epidemic coronavirus infection.

On Friday, trump met with representatives of oil companies, some of which – primarily developing deposits of shale oil were forced to suspend operations due to a sharp fall in prices, because of which its production became unprofitable.

At the same time the representatives of the oil refining business Trump wrote a letter asking them not to impose duties, because their introduction will lead inter alia to higher gasoline prices. The US imports oil from Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Earlier on Saturday it was announced that the conference of representatives of the countries – exporters of oil, is scheduled for April 6, has been postponed. According to Reuters, the meeting which is scheduled in the videoconference because of the pandemic, will be held may 8 or 9 April. The reason for the delay is due to a dispute between Moscow and Riyadh, which are mutually confer on each other the responsibility for the fall in oil prices, the Agency said. At the conference insisted trump, who recently said of the urgency to stabilize the global oil market.