The United States found a reason to send a carrier to Iran

США нашли причину для отправки авианосца к Ирану

Previously, not finding a decent reason to justify their actions, and after receiving a number of negative feedback from the press, the U.S. still found a reason to send an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf.

Earlier, Israel sent in the US report that Iran has plans against the States. The United States immediately sent the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln in the Persian Gulf. Such a ridiculous reason, without specifics or clarifications gave rise to confusion in some media. According to the new agenda, Iran moved its ballistic missiles to the ships, allegedly for attacks on US forces. It is obvious that if Iran has moved missiles, he did it after sending the carrier in response to the aggression of Washington. However, it seems for most, it does not matter.

The United States has long does not condemn its allies for aggressive provocation.

Iran is currently subjected to sanctions for violating nuclear deal, with no proof as always was provided. In addition, the United States recognized the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps as terrorists. Washington is having one provocation after another, but Tehran has been kept without succumbing to them. What’s next? Possible U.S. strike on the territory of the middle East the enemy from aboard an aircraft carrier and then declare that Iran itself destroys its own population?