The United States released more than 400 products from China from duties

США освободили более 400 товаров из Китая от пошлин

The US authorities have introduced a temporary exemption from duty for more than 400 products that are imported from China, reports “Correspondent” with reference to data of the Federal register.

Cancellation fees for those products that fall under the sanctions according to the decree of the President of the United States Donald trump dated 6 July, 23 August and 24 September 2019. The reasons for the exemption of those goods from duties was not commented on.

Total exemption from sales duty extends to 437 of goods from China, which are dominated by various household stuff and holiday decorations, among other things, the list includes plastic tubes, dog leashes, water dishes for Pets and garlands for Christmas trees. 38 goods will be free from duty until 7 August 2020, and the rest within a year.