The United States suspected Russia and China in the development of laser weapons for satellites

США заподозрили Россию и Китай в разработке лазерного оружия для спутников

The report of US military intelligence raised the issue of deprivation of superiority of the country in outer space. The project reviewed the activities of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, associated with the space. As follows from the document, the growing presence of China in space must be accompanied by the improvement of American security systems, ensuring the safety of satellites.

Also, the us military fear the development of different types of weapons to counter American satellites. We are talking about kinetic weapons (satellite kamikaze), energy (lasers), and other types. Primarily in the United States excited about the existence of laser systems that can destroy or disable us satellites or their components.

According to forecasts, in 2020 China will deploy a ground-based laser system able to influence the sensors of the satellites, later there will be laser weapons, designed to destroy the structures in orbit. The report noted that a similar development in Russia.