The US and Russia are arguing over “dangerous” intercept spy plane near Syria

США и Россия спорят из-за "опасного" перехвата самолета-шпиона возле Сирии

A Russian fighter jet made a dangerous high-speed flight before the aircraft during the intercept over the Mediterranean sea on Tuesday, said the Sixth fleet of the United States. The defense Ministry has already announced that its pilot acted “responsibly,” writes on Wednesday Agency Reuters.

“While Russian aircraft operated in international airspace, this interaction was irresponsible”, – reads the statement of the Sixth fleet. “American aircraft operated in accordance with international law and did not provoke the Russian activities”.

Sixth fleet said that the Russian plane made three interceptions, two of which he considered safe. But it was stated that one of the interception P-8A Poseidon included a high speed pass directly in front of the American aircraft that caused the turbulence in the Wake and “endangered our pilots and crew.”

The Russian defense Ministry said the su-35 took off from an airbase in Syria to intercept the American plane, which, according to them, was close to a Russian naval facility in Tartus on Syria’s Mediterranean coast, said the Agency “RIA Novosti” on Wednesday.

Moscow denies that its aircraft had acted irresponsibly, saying that he stayed at a safe distance and returned to their base after an American plane changed course.