The US and Russia are preparing a new arms race: the more it threatens Ukraine

США и Россия готовят новую гонку вооружений: чем это грозит Украине

The US and Russia to resume the arms race due to the fact that Washington has accused the Russians of violating the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and came out of it. Instead, in Moscow stated – would restore scientific and design works for the production of new missiles.

Which means the arms race between USA and Russia?

According to the head of the US state Department Mike Pompeo, for many years Russia has violated the terms of the INF Treaty, the United States therefore cease implementation of its obligations in accordance with the agreement, starting from the 2nd of February.

But for months the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and short-range will eventually cease.

That provides for an Agreement on the elimination of intermediate and short range?

The INF Treaty was signed by Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan in Washington on 8 December 1987, during the Soviet-American summit. The Treaty provides that the U.S. and Russia refuse from the production, use and storage of ballistic missiles, ground-based medium (from 1 thousand to 5.5 thousand km) and small (from 500 to 1 thousand kilometers) range.

Now depends on Russia, whether to resume the arms race again.

If Russia does not return to the full implementation of the agreement during the six-month period and destroy its missiles, which violate the norms of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range launchers and related equipment, the Contract will terminate. Responsibility for exchange rate destabilizing activities and other important issues is to Russia,

– said Mike Pompeo.

The US has accused Russia’s violations of the Treaty seven years ago. American intelligence agencies received information about a cruise missile 9М729, which secretly started to make the Russians. This projectile can hit a target at a distance of from two to five thousand kilometers. That is in a potential danger zone of any European city.

In Russia say: this is the United States first began to violate the norms of the Treaty. And although the evidence the Russians had moved on to threats to resume the arms race.

Our response will be a mirror. American partners have announced that they cease participation in the agreement, and we stop. I agree with the proposal of the Ministry of defense to start work on the landing “Caliber” and the new direction of creation of hypersonic missiles

– said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

Probable termination of the agreement with the anxiety perceived in Brussels. Amid a new threat in Europe began to think, how to defend, if the arms race recover.

What threats to Ukraine is the arms race between USA and Russia?

Only in occupied Crimea in the spring of last year the Russians brought several dozen s-300 and s-400, as well as build new storage facilities for nuclear weapons in their bases in the Baltic region.

Ukraine does not have enough resources to engage in a new arms race. The competition of superpowers in the future can create serious risks for our country, national experts warn.

In the sixties of the last century, the world was one step away from global catastrophe when the Soviet Union placed nuclear missiles in Cuba – only two thousand kilometers from US. Then the politicians had the wisdom not to plunge the world into nuclear war. Resist the disaster of modern world leaders – have not yet taken to predict no expert.