The US army can transfer to electric Hummers

Армия США может пересесть на электрические «Хаммеры»

Quiet 1000-strong pickup truck clearly has some military potential.

In the early nineties, the American military vehicle HMMWV, better known as the Humvee, has spawned a monstrous civilian Hummer SUV, almost immediately received cult status. Ten years ago, GM had to eliminate the brand because of the difficult financial situation. Now the “hammer” is back on the market in a new capacity, and history could repeat itself in reverse.

Pickup GMC Hummer EV, which will launch next year on a converted electric plant, “Detroit-Hamtramck”, can be used as a platform for a new military vehicle. It said the President of division, GM Defense David Albritton in an interview with GM Defense. In this case, the top Manager said that while such a project in development there.

Full-size pickup truck capacity of about 1,000 HP with a stock stroke 400 miles (644 km) can really be a good donor for army SUV – especially given that it will move almost silently, to maintain a rapid 350-kilowatt charging and accelerate to 100 km/h supercar – about 3 seconds. With the civilian Hummer EV is quite comfortable, with all modern options like digital devices and information and entertainment complex with a large touchscreen.

Although the public debut of the GMC Hummer EV had to be postponed because of the coronavirus, production should start in accordance with the original plan. The start of sales is scheduled for fall 2021.

Earlier it became known that the U.S. army ordered the GM Defense light new ATVs GMD ISV, designed for a crew of 9 people. For a start, “daughter” GM will put the military 649 of these machines, then the Park will increase to 2 065 units.