The US can allocate more than $2 trillion to fight the impact of the pandemic

США могут выделить более $2 трлн на борьбу с последствиями пандемии

The us government can allocate more than $2 trillion to mitigate the effects of the novel coronavirus to the economy. This statement was made on Friday, the head of the National economic Council the White house Lawrence Kudlow in an interview with Fox News channel.

“Let’s not forget that the size of the aid package will amount to at least $1.4 trillion, said Kudlow. – We can increase to assist individual sectors, and then the sum will exceed $2 trillion”. He stressed that the US government is ready to send to elimination of consequences of a pandemic means is approximately equal to 10% of GDP.

Previously, the Federal government has prepared a package of measures to stimulate the us economy at a time of crisis, caused by the effects of coronavirus. Kudlow on Wednesday said that its size may exceed $1.3 trillion. In turn, the President of the United States Donald trump on Thursday did not rule out that his administration may need more money from Congress to fight the coronavirus depending on the extent of spread of the disease.

In the United States, according to the Johns Hopkins University, which produces estimates based on the reports of country authorities, who and other official sources, the number of cases infected with coronavirus has increased to 19 624 died at least 260 people. More than 50% of cases are fixed at this stage, in the States of Washington, California and new York.